How to Prep for an Interview – My Tips!

How to Prep for an Interview – My Tips!

As you may know, I am currently working on my Public Relations degree. At Mount Saint Vincent University, a large part of the degree is doing co-ops with different businesses in order to get real-life experiences. I have previously worked for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and have just gone through the long interview [...]

Exploring The Hydrostone + Current Favourite Instagram Accounts to Follow

To take full advantage of the sunny April weather, my roommate and I decided to make the most out of Monday and head down to The Hydrostone to do some exploring. I love The Hydrostone; the little local shops are quaint and carry lots of Maritime-made products. We discovered a really cute little jewelry and [...]

My Travel Essentials

Finals are over! Summer is here! I have a whole month to relax before my co-op starts in May and I have been truly taking advantage of it. I've been cooking, running at Point Pleasant Park and the Commons, blogging and doing lots of Netflix binging. I boarded the 13 Reasons Why train and was [...]