Natural Deodorant 101

Like a lot of women these days, I’ve become a committed natural deodorant user for over a year now. I started exploring the pros and cons after getting more into natural alternatives to wellness and beauty. I had heard that antiperspirant can have serious side effects on women’s health, so I did some research and decided to cut out all antiperspirant. Keep in mind that this is simply my preference and this theory about antiperspirant has not been proven. In my mind, if there are so many affordable alternatives to it, why would I use it if there is even a hint of risk?

Here are a few articles which outline the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant which contain aluminum:

Let me explain my experience of wearing deodorant. Usually, I am not an overly sweaty person. I don’t even perspire very much after spending an hour doing cardio. That being said, I don’t need a super strong deodorant and therefore the switch over to natural deodorant was easy for me. Most natural deodorants are lightly fragranced with essential oils, and because there is no antiperspirant in them, they don’t stop you from sweating. Keep this in mind if you are someone who sweats a lot. Some natural deodorants are tougher than others. Even someone who sweats a lot can find one that works, but it’s all trial and error. If you are willing to get through your trial phase, I personally think it’s worth it.

I also believe that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find a good, effective natural deodorant. Winners or Marshalls is an awesome place to find a wide array of options at a discounted price. I also like to check out health food stores and local markets for some good finds. I have only included one option on my list that is a bit more expensive, and the rest are under 10 dollars.

JĀSÖN Naturals Deodorant                                                                                            7/10

Key Ingredients: Zinc Ricinoleate, Corn Starch, Baking Soda

* Zinc Ricinoleate is zinc salt found in fatty acids of castor oil. It is used as an odor absorbing agent in natural deodorant.

JĀSÖN Naturals deodorant was the first natural alternative I tried after leaving drugstore antiperspirant behind. I bought mine at Winners, but if you live in Halifax you can find it at the Organic Earth Market or Pete’s Frootique. I personally like the ‘purifying tea tree’ kind because it smells fresh, the formulation is sheer so it doesn’t leave a white cast on clothes, and tea tree is antibacterial. However, I found this one a bit sticky, and left me feeling like I sweated a bit more wearing this. Regardless, it wasn’t a total deal breaker.


Adidas Cotton Tech Aluminum Free Deodorant                                                        5/10

 Key Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Water, Sodium Stearate.

* Propylene Glycol is used as a fragrance and skin conditioner. Sodium Stearate is a natural occurring fatty acid.

This deodorant by Adidas got the job done. It was fresh and kept my underarms dry. I was actually recommended this one by my roommate, who loved it. It is available at any Shoppers and relatively low priced. However, this one has a very long list of ingredients which kind of irks me out, so I don’t know if I will repurchase. If that kind of thing doesn’t bother you, it is a good alternative.


Tarte Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant                                                                           8/10

 Key Ingredients: Water, Aloe Leaf Juice, Corn Starch, Sodium Stearate.

This is the higher priced item I mentioned early, although you have the option to purchase a smaller size. I like this Tarte one because it is really natural; the ingredient list is short and sweet. It smells fresh and florally, and isn’t overpowering. It’s great for the gym because the texture is thick and blocks any odor. Cons, for me, are that is white and powdery which easily transfers on clothes, and that you have to warm up the product to really get any payoff. However, once it is warmed up it does a great job. I would recommend this to a friend who is willing to invest a bit more into their deodorant to effectively mask B.O. You can find this at Sephora.



Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant Sport                                                                 7/10

Key Ingredients: Aloe, Thyme, Sodium Stearate, Witch Hazel.

This is the deodorant I am currently using it, and I like it a lot. It is very light and smells like thyme (which is actually an antiseptic). It keeps me fresh all day, which is great because I often work two jobs in one day and I need it to last. I found mine at Atlantic Superstore, but again, it is available at any health food store. The only thing I don’t love about this one is that is can be a bit drying. My underarms are currently looking a bit dehydrated and can sometimes get a bit red (although not in pain). I would like to try Kiss My Face’s Smooth Deo Moisturizing Deodorant next, to see if this one clears up the dryness I am experiencing.


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Jar                                                                                  7/10

Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda

Schmidt’s seems to be the most natural of all deodorants I have tried in terms of ingredients. The ingredient list is very understandable. I have only used it a few times but I already have a some thoughts on it. This formulation is the closest to a regular drugstore deodorant in my opinion. It does have a white cast, but it also leaves my underarms feeling protecting and hydrated with that creamy consistency so many drugstore deodorants have. This one comes in a pot, which I sought out for something different. You warm it up and apply it with your fingers. I thought I wouldn’t mind this way of application, however it is a bit dry and hard to warm up. I don’t know if I am putting enough on or not, although the website says a little goes a long way. I think next time I would just purchase their regular stick. I am currently using the Bergamot + Lime scent and it smells heavenly!


The Green Beaver Company Natural Deodorant Stick                                           8/10

Key Ingredients: Propanediol, Aloe Vera, Canadian Labrador Tea.

* Propanediol is from non-GMO corn. It replaces petrol-derived propylene glycol.

I’m a big fan of tea tree oil, if you couldn’t tell. The Green Beaver Company offers a variety of scents in their deodorant, but I like that tea tree oil is antibacterial so I usually go for that if it is available. This deodorant is light and refreshing. It doesn’t feel sticky and the tea tree is subtle enough that it does the job without overpowering your space with its scent (it can be pretty potent). It is clear, so no white streaks! Also, The Green Beaver Company is a Canadian brand, which I love to support! I’ve been really happy with this one so far. No complaints. (I like their toothpaste too!)


I really want to try the Saje Natural Wellness Salt Deodorant at some point; I’ve heard awesome things!

Do you use natural deodorant? What are your thoughts on the debate around women’s health and antiperspirant? I’d love to know!



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