Current Lifestyle Favourites ~ July 2017

Happy August! I hope you are enjoying the lovely summer days as much as I am. I have explored some new beaches, walked all over the city and done lots of yoga in my time off. What have you done this summer? I have discovered a bunch of new favourites this month and I can’t wait to share them with you. Have you found anything you are obsessed with this month? Let me know!

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Podcast – The LadyGang & Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Like I have mentioned before, I love to listen to podcasts at work. Whether I am listening to them at my desk or while I am walking the Halifax waterfront on my lunch break, I love to have someone just chatting in my ear. Something about it relaxes me. There are two podcasts that I have been loving this month.

If you are diehard Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, I am sure you have heard about Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast Off the Vine. I love this podcast because Kaitlyn really goes into depth into how the show is run, her experience being on the show and the drama that is happening on the current season. If you are a Bachelor Nation fan like me, this is exactly what I want to be listening to while working on my professional PR work. The two opposites give me some balance.

I found The LadyGang podcast through Kaitlyn’s. The LadyGang features entertainment reporter Keltie Knight, clothing designer Jac Vanek and actress Becca Tobin (if you watch Glee, she plays Kitty). They interview celebrities like Glee stars, skincare mogul Kate Somerville, drag queen RuPaul and the list goes on. They laugh, bitch about the minor things and answer listener’s questions. But what I love most about The LadyGang is that there is a huge sense of community between the hosts and the listeners. I am part of a private LadyGang Facebook group with 14,000 other women all over the world (haha – so private) where girls post their questions, problems, pictures and feel good moments for other women to respond back to. It’s great to see women being so supportive of each other, and if you are looking for this kind of positivity on your timeline, I suggest checking The LadyGang podcast out for yourself.

Music – Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey recently dropped her 5th album titled Lust for Life. While I love all of Lana’s music, I think this album is different than anything else she has done. It is more upbeat (hence the title versus her first album titled Born to Die) and she collabs with a ton of people on this album, such as ASAP Rocky, Sean Ono-Lennon and The Weeknd. As a Lana fan who is constantly having to explain why I love her and her music, I really enjoyed how personable and open Lana was during album promotion. The album really shows this new, positive light Lana has been projecting lately and I absolutely love it.

TV – The Vampire Diaries

Okay. Seriously. Why am I just watching The Vampire Diaries now??? I am having major regrets for not watching it sooner. I can’t get enough of this show. True – it is that cheesy, dramatic shows you probably were obsessed with in high school… but I don’t even care!! It keeps me entertained and I am not going to argue about looking at those Salvatore brothers… Hello! I am curious to know, are you a Stefan or Damon fan?

Makeup – Urban Decay Naked Flushed Bronzer Highlight Trio, Kat Von D Blotting Powder, L’Oreal Lash Paradise

I really wanted to get a shimmery warm bronzer to wear all over the face during the warmer months. I have mentioned the Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips before but I was getting tired of the super intense shimmer on the cheeks; I wanted something glowy but subtle. After reading some reviews and comparing prices, I decided to with the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Trio in Going Native. I have been wearing the bronzer in this trio almost every day because it easy to put on and go – I can slap it on and it looks good, and I don’t have to take the time to put on blush and highlight. However, I was also really pleasantly surprised of how much I like the blush and highlight in this palette. The blush is subtle and matte; it looks very natural on the skin. The highlight is a gorgeous pearl colour. It is unlike anything I have in my collection; the closest I would relate it to is Champagne Truffle by Too Faced Cosmetics. This trio was also fairly cheap in price. You get a bronzer, blush and highlight for $35. In comparison, one Too Faced bronzer is $38.

After hearing Kathleen Lights raved about the Kat Von D Blotting Powder, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I have never used a high end powder before, and I knew if I wanted to invest in one, I wanted it to be from a great brand and recommended by a Youtuber I can trust. I have never felt like Kathleen was pushing a product for money and so I knew this one would be good. I also love Kat Von D Beauty because everything is vegan, cruelty free and I have never been disappointed with a product of hers before. Needless to say, I love this powder! Kathleen said that this powder makes your pores disappear, and I agree. It leaves your skin looking flawlessly smooth and is also very light-weight on the skin. I am very happy that I invested in this powder. This retails for $38.

Unless you have no interest in the beauty community at all, I am sure you have heard about L’Oreal’s new mascara Lash Paradise. Guys! I think I have finally found my ride or die mascara. I’m still in shock as to how good this mascara is. I have seen it being compared to the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara, which is one of Sephora’s best-selling mascara and retails for $30. I have tried the Too Faced mascara and I would even argue that the L’Oreal one is better. The formula is blacker and isn’t as mousse-y. While some people love a mousse-y mascara formula, I find it dries and flakes onto my face much more than a wet formula would. This brush also makes it so easy to apply on the lashes. I apply it at the base of the lash, give it a little wiggle and then swoop up. I’m telling you, one coat is enough and your lashes will look amazing. However, I am extra and high maintenance so I do two coats. Try this! I got mine for $10 at Walmart, which is a third of the price compared to the Too Faced one.

Hair – Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler

I forgot to put the In-Shower Styler in the photo above because it was in my shower, so I am going to post one below courtesy of


My hair is shoulder length and thin, but I have a lot of it. When I let my hair air dry, it usually looks blunt and poufy at the ends and gets one weird wave in the middle of it. Because of the result I get, I rarely let my hair air dry and if I do, I put it in a bun after. Until I discovered the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler.

This stuff is. So. Good. I was skeptical at first because I have tried other products to give my hair some style when it air dries (like mousse) but they did nothing. This product is nothing like I have ever tried. Basically, you apply it to your wet hair after you have shampooed and conditioned and then lightly rinse it out. After I towel-dried my hair, I brushed my hair with my fingers and scrunched it up to give it some texture. When my hair dried, I was left with textured, beachy waves that literally took no effort or heat to achieve. The texture lasted all day and my hair smelled lovely as well. Highly recommend this if you are looking for something you can just throw in your hair and leave the house. This sells at Sephora for $20-$36 depending on the size.

Instagrammer – @leefromamerica

I really enjoyed discussing my favourite Instagrammers in a post a few months back, so I am going to start including one in each monthly favourites.


If you really enjoy following holistic and naturopathic accounts, I highly recommend following @leefromamerica. Lee posts about healthy, organic food (not vegan or vegetarian, just sustainably raised) and holistic tips and tricks. I really enjoy watching her Instagram stories; she is always sharing what she is doing that day and how she incorporates natural living in her day-to-day life. She is also really funny and is just enjoyable to watch. And her photos are beautiful!

Halifax business – Earth Goddess

This is another new installment I will be adding to my monthly favourites, just because I love to talk about the places I like to go to around Halifax and I also think it will be really helpful for my fellow Halifax residents.

My favourite Halifax business of the month (or the past 3 months) is Earth Goddess located in the Hydrostone. This little shop carries local jewelry, accessories, crystals, candles and beauty products and is absolutely beautiful inside. It’s tiny, quaint, bright and sparkly. In my opinion, the products are well priced for the quality you get. The owner is so sweet and hand wraps each piece in a little box with yarn and pressed flowers. Every time I go to Earth Goddess, I leave happy.

Misc – Quay High Key Sunglasses by Desi Perkins in Gold

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you have probably witnessed my obsession with Desi Perkins. I love Desi. Not only is she gorgeous and absolutely bomb at doing makeup tutorials, but she is hilarious, hardworking and down to earth. Her snapchat stories never fail to make me laugh. And I can’t WAIT for the launch of the Desi x Katy collection with Dose of Colours. So, when Desi dropped her sunglass line with Quay Sunglasses about a year ago, I knew I wanted to get a pair. However, I really didn’t want to splurge on a pair of sunglasses because I don’t have the best track record with taking care of sunglasses. I decided to try to find a dupe for the High Key model. These aviators are wide and the lens is large, which is perfect for my big head (for reference, I have a round face and I fit comfortably in a Men’s L-XL ball cap). After a year of struggling to find a pair of aviators that look as perfect as the High Keys, I decided to give in and splurge on them. I picked my High Keys from Alexa Pope Boutique located in Halifax and when I left the store I could not stop smiling. They’re sunglasses… cringy… I know. But I love them! They look good with any outfit and any hairstyle. They are mirrored which I think look so cool. The quality is great; when holding them, they feel so sturdy as if it would take a lot to break them. They come with a case and a lens cloth. I won’t need to buy another pair of sunglasses for a long time. These retail for $89.

I would love to know what you are loving this month! Leave a comment below.

As always, you can find me on Instagram and Twitter at @taayloroliee.



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