Current Lifestyle Favourites – April 2017

April has been a great month for me. I finished my first year of studying Public Relations with success and had a whole month off to relax before starting my co-op job in May. I had lots of time to read, watch a ton of Netflix, explore Halifax and just kick back and relax. I made some big changes happen this month by chopping off my hair to above shoulder length (short hair is sooo hard to style by the way!) and deciding to leave my job at The Body Shop to focus on my PR co-op. Goodbye, sweet discount. I will miss you terribly.

Anyways, I have discovered some new favourites this month that have been rocking my world. Let’s jump into it!

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Music ~ Thomas Rhett (but anything country)

Every year, I follow the same music routine when it comes to new music; pop hits in the winter and country hits in the summer. To me, there is nothing more relaxing than driving in the valley with the windows down, sunshine splashing my face and country music blasting. It’s part of what brings me that summer joy that everyone craves so much in the winter. As spring weather has finally begun to hit us, I have crawled out of my winter hibernation and have started exploring which country songs will be my favourites this year. So far, I have been loving Thomas Rhett’s album Tangled Up (although not new), Sam Hunt’s Body Like a Back Road, Florida Georgia Line’s God, Your Mama, And Me and Brett Eldredge’s Somethin’ I’m Good At. I have also been playing one of my favourite albums, Miranda Lambert’s Four the Record, all the time. I love every single song on this album and will never get tired of it.

Netflix Shows ~ 13 Reasons Why & Girlboss

This month I watched two Netflix originals; 13 Reasons Why and Girlboss. 13 Reasons Why was beautiful and haunting. There have very controversial views on the impact of the show, but I think it opened my eyes to the stigma attached to suicide. If you haven’t watched the Behind The Scenes that is also on Netflix, I highly recommend doing so. It goes in-depth on why the directors and producers of the show chose to portray situations in certain ways, and I had a much deeper understanding of the show after watching that. I just finished Girlboss today and I really enjoyed the first season! It is loosely based on the life of business woman Sophia Amoruso. While it has its critics surrounding privilege and the definition of feminism, I still liked watching it and I think Amoruso’s story is an interesting one.

Podcast ~ S-Town

If you are a podcast listener, I am sure you have heard of S-Town as it’s been all over social media lately. Created by the makers of Serial, it follows a murder story in small town Alabama. It is only seven episodes long and was the first podcast I listened to that told a narrative. I was able to connect with each character in only seven episodes and I was kept guessing the whole time. I have yet to listen to Serial but after listening to S-Town, I am definitely going to have to start.

Book ~ The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

I recently did a huuuuge clear-out of all my books from high school and took them to a used book store in exchange for some new books. I was lucky enough to find The Nest, which has been sitting on the bestseller shelves in Coles for months. I immediately started reading it, eager to see what all the fuss was about. I was pleased to find out that it is a very relaxing, enjoyable book to read, which was perfect for my month off. Surrounding the hard-comings of a privileged family from New York, each chapter is in the narrative of one of the siblings. There are several different stories intertwined together in the book which keep it entertaining. I remained curious as to what would happen to each character until the end of the book. A great, casual read!

Recipe ~ Bang Bang Tofu by @PlantBasedJane

After about a year of half-assing giving up meat, I finally decided to push myself and go vegetarian to see if I enjoy that lifestyle. So far, I am loving exploring new foods and recipes and I feel a lot happier when I eat. I recently decided to try @plantbasedjane‘s Bang Bang Tofu recipe and am I so glad I did. I had heard that tofu can be hard to master but this recipe is easy and delicious! It reminds me a lot boneless chicken wings you can get at Boston Pizza, but with tofu instead! I had to stop myself from eating the whole pan. I will link the recipe down below so you can try it out for yourself! Also, tofu is super inexpensive so overall this recipe wasn’t too expensive to make.

Makeup ~ Covergirl’s Loose Translucent Powder

Loose powder is one of my favourite makeup items, even though it sounds so boring. It has this magical way of blurring your pores and making your skin look absolutely flawless that a pressed powder just can’t achieve in the same way. I have used both high and low end loose powders and until now was never fully satisfied. For example, the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil powder leaves a grainy residue on my face which I can’t stand. The NYX High Definition Finishing Powder has major flashback in photos, so I can’t wear it out at night. After running out of powder a few weeks back, I decided to find a cheap one that would do the job until I could find one that had great reviews. Hurriedly, I grabbed the Covergirl Loose Translucent Powder that they have been selling for absolutely forever because it was affordable and comes in a huge container. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first tried this powder. It gives such a naturally flawless appearance to the skin with very minimal powder. It is great to bake with and there is no flashback. My only complaint would be that this stuff smells like very strong, elderly lady perfume. It is potent. However, I am able to get past it and have been thoroughly enjoying this powder! Yay!

Hair ~ L’oreal’s #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray

As I mentioned earlier, about a week ago I took the plunge and cut my hair to just above my shoulders. In my world, that is short. Not only is it short, but I find it hard to style. This L’oreal spray has saved my life in the styling department. I curl my hair with a straightening iron, shake the curls out and apply this spray to the roots of my hair to give it some volume and texture. I need texture to maintain any hairstyle, as my hair is naturally sleek and straight, but especially now when it is so short. it keeps the volume and curls in all day and gives it that tousled, ‘I woke up like this’ vibe.

Miscellaneous ~ Nail Polish and a Play

Nail Polish – I have discovered my new favourite summery shade of nail polish – Orly’s Reel Him In. It’s a bright shade of red with orange undertones and goes on easily with a slightly shimmery finish! I’ll be wearing it all summer. (See above photo for colour).

Chasing Champions – On Saturday night, my mom and I went to see Chasing Champions: The Sam Langford Story at Neptune theatre. The show was written and performed by Jacob Sampson, who is one of my closest friend’s cousin and grew up in the same area as I did. The show he wrote about the Nova Scotian boxer Sam Langford was unbelievable; there was so much history that I wasn’t aware of until I watched the play. There were only four actors in the whole show and they were all amazing. Everything about the show gave Sam Langford such a beautiful tribute and I am so glad I am now aware of this part of Nova Scotian history and got to see the show before it was over.

What did you love during the month of April? Was there anything that didn’t work out  for you? Let me know in the comments! I am always on the hunt for new things to try.


Taylor xo



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