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Finals are over! Summer is here! I have a whole month to relax before my co-op starts in May and I have been truly taking advantage of it. I’ve been cooking, running at Point Pleasant Park and the Commons, blogging and doing lots of Netflix binging. I boarded the 13 Reasons Why train and was obsessed with it. If you haven’t started watching, you need to!

Summer months definitely seem to be the prime time to travel here in Nova Scotia. Whether you are going to Cavendish Beach Music Festival, flying to Toronto to catch a Jays game, heading to PEI to enjoy the sandy beaches or even taking a huge trip like going to Coachella this weekend, you are always going to have a few essentials that you take with you on every trip. Last summer, I travelled to Montreal, Toronto, PEI and California, so I figured it was finally time to share my holy grail travel essentials.

Be aware that driving to your destination versus flying makes a huge difference in what you bring with you. When you drive, you don’t need to worry as much about your valuables breaking in transit or bringing too many liquid or aerosol products. Some of these items may change depending on if I am flying or driving, but all in all they are pretty standard to what I bring with me each time I travel.

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Too Faced The Power of Makeup by Nikki Tutorials Palette

I’m not going to go too deep into this as I have done a previous blog post on this palette where I analyzed each and every aspect that this collection entails. If you want an in-depth review, I recommend reading that. I like to bring this palette to travel with me because it has a lot of the everyday makeup products I need conveniently wrapped up into one product. It contains a bronzer, a highlighter, two blushes and nine eyeshadows which are great to create both day-to-day looks or something deeper for a night out. When it comes to travelling, the less room a product takes up the better, and I am constantly trying to downsize how many makeup items to take with me. This palette is very flat, so it is easy to store between some clothing items to keep it safe. It’s great because I don’t have to analyze my entire collection deciding which products to take with me because they have already been chosen for me in the palette.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Eye Shadow in Bad to the Bronze

Because the Too Faced Palette is missing a dark shimmery shade for all over the lid, I like to throw in the Maybelline cream eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze just in case I want to go for a darker smokey eye when I am away. These eyeshadows are great; they are affordable, last quite a while before drying up and gives the eye a shimmery, metallic look. They are also really easy to apply and blend out so beginners would have no trouble using them.

Makeup Removal Cloths

I always like to bring makeup cleansing cloths in my carry-on bag or purse when I travel. They are an awesome way to freshen up the skin if you don’t have access to washing your face after a long drive or flight. It doesn’t matter what brand I use, but some favourites are the Skinfood New Zealand wipes or the Cetaphil ones. These are easy to store and you never know when you might need one!

Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick in Alabaster

Depending on where I am travelling, I don’t normally wear foundation because it is too thick to wear in the summer and I usually sweat it off. It can also be time consuming to put on in the morning. If I do decide to wear it on vacation, I love the Clinique Chubby in the Nude sticks. It is a really lightweight foundation that gives the slightest bit of coverage and leaves the skin looking natural yet flawless. It takes me maybe a minute max to blend out evenly with a brush. It’s also a bonus that it is in a solid form. I can put this in my carry-on without the risk of being it confiscated by security or worry about it leaking in my luggage. I always try to find alternatives to liquid products when I travel to reduce the chance of any mess.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

I usually do my eyebrows with the Urban Decay Brow Box and fill in any sparse areas with the Brow Wiz because it very precise. I don’t normally do my whole eyebrow with the Brow Wiz because powder is a lot quicker for me to use and I feel like it is a waste of the Brow Wiz when I could be using powder which lasts much longer. However, when I travel I only bring the Brow Wiz because it is much more compact than the Brow Box. It takes up no space whatsoever and I am still able to get the look of the brow I like with just the one product. Since travel is usually no more than two weeks, I don’t use up too much product and I am more willing to compromise if it saves me space in my luggage. Also, it is much easier to damage a powder in travel than a pencil.

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo

I recently switched over to the LUSH dry shampoo from the Batiste aerosol dry shampoo because I went through the aerosol cans too quickly. The LUSH shampoo is a dust that you sprinkle on your roots and then rub in. I use a lot less product! One small bottle has lasted me six months and I am not even halfway through. The bottle is much smaller than the large cans of aerosol dry shampoo so it is a lot easier to slip into my carry-on. After a long flight or drive, it is really nice to have dry shampoo on hand to get rid of the excess oil and refresh the hair.

Chloé Lovestory Rollerball Eau de Toilette

I prefer to bring a rollerball with me rather than a small bottle of perfume because bottles are easier to damage when the suitcase is being aggressively tossed into the place.  If it broke, you’d also lose a lot more expensive product. A rollerball is small enough to put in my carry-on and I can always have it on hand if I need to freshen up after sitting on a flight for a while. Chloé Lovestory is a nice, fresh, feminine scent that is light enough to wear day-to-day!


Eyedrops have become a must for me when travelling. I do a lot of reading and watching movies on flights or driving and lately I have been getting dry, red eyes easier than I used to. I like to have eyedrops on hand incase I get dry eyes, and I also find them useful if I have something in my eye like an eyelash to help flush it out. This way, I don’t have to get up to go to the tiny airplane bathroom or be stuck in the car with something in my eye until we get to the next rest stop.

Hand Sanitizer

I like to keep a hand sanitizer with me in my carry-on because there are so many people on airplanes in a stuffy, small area and some of them are bound to be sick. I am not a germaphobe but I do like to use it before eating and when I get off the flight. My favourites are the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers because they don’t smell like alcohol like drugstore brands do. I currently own Iced Guava Colada and Winter Candy Apple and they both smell so good! They have almost every Bath and Body Works scent offered in a hand sanitizer.


Headphones are a must! Whether I am listening to music or watching a movie, over the ear headphones block out all sound (like that always reliable crying baby) on flights. My family used to take long road trips to Toronto or Maine and I always wore headphones when I wanted to listen to my own music in the car. The Sony ones pictured above have great sound and I love the white colour. They seem a lot more feminine than black ones and compliment my style.

I always bring a book with me to travel, but I prefer to bring a book that is a bit easier and relaxing to read. When I went to California last summer, I brought Tina Fey’s Bossypants with me. It was a funny, simple book that wasn’t intense or hard to follow along with. I want a book that I can bring to the beach and is easy to pick up and put down when other exciting adventures come up.

What are your travel essentials? I am always on the hunt for new makeup products and new books and music to bring with me when travelling. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below telling me what your travel plans are this summer!


Taylor xo

2 thoughts on “My Travel Essentials

  1. You’re too cute! Love this! 😘 I will have to try the Lush dry shampoo. I’ve just gotten into using it lately and that sounds great!


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