Behind the Scenes of Sage Natural Wellness

I recently started finding an interest in the natural healing powers found in herbs, plants and essential oils. I like the idea of avoiding over-the-counter medicine for little things like headaches and sore throats. I love the smell of essential oils being diffused throughout a whole room; some of my favourite oils are peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon. So when I found out there would be a seminar at Sage Natural Wellness featuring the co-founder Jean-Pierre LeBlanc, I knew I would love to hear what he had to say about his brand. The Canadian brand focuses on wellness, healing, beauty and relaxation; all things I love to write about here on beautytowander, so I knew I would enjoy going inwards to find wellness with Sage.

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The seminar was packed. My friend and I got there just before it began and there were no seats left whatsoever. Although we had to stand, we were immediately offered coconut water. Jean-Pierre started the talk right away. He was noticeably full of spunk and very passionate about his business.


Jean-Pierre mostly spoke his favourite products throughout the seminar. He went in depth into Sage’s Pocket Farmacy, which is a wallet made from recycled water bottles and contains five natural healing products: the Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy, Immune Germ and Virus Fighting Remedy, Eater’s Digest Digestion Easing Remedy, Stress Release Tension Reducing Remedy and Pain Release Analgesic Remedy. I have personally used the Peppermint Halo and Eater’s Digest before, which I love, but the rest was new to me.

We were each given a card on which we could write down the products we wanted to try, what we would recommend and Jean-Pierre’s tips to wellness.

When he was speaking about Immune, he asked for a member of the audience who had a sore throat to come up to try the product. He rolled the rollerball all over her throat and then asked if she knew which chakra he was healing. I know very little about the body chakras but apparently it is Vishuddha chakra. He explained to her that her chakra was off balance and she had a sore throat because she was holding back on telling someone something important. Like I said, I know nothing about chakras so I am bit skeptical of this claim. Regardless, if you believe in these claims and you aren’t harming anyone, I say go for it. The lady was clearly skeptical like I was but he ended up making her feel more comfortable and she became very vulnerable in front of the whole audience when speaking about her relationship with her brothers. Overall, he had some interesting opinions on the chakras and what each product does for each area of the body.

After explaining the Pocket Farmacy, Jean-Pierre mentioned a few other products and began to speak about his opinions on the health care system. Warning: this could get controversial. Jean-Pierre stated that he is a 61 year old man who mountain bikes, runs and does other things that the average 61 year old might have a harder time doing. And let me say, this guy does not look 61. I’d estimate 55 at max. He claimed that he can do these things because he eats healthy, exercises regularly and uses natural medicine instead of over-the-counter medicine. This is the part that could get sticky: he claimed that we may not even need hospitals unless we are in very critical condition. Obviously, this needs to be backed up heavily and I don’t necessarily agree, but kudos to him for being so bold with his claims in front of a room most likely full of skeptics. He explained that people have been using natural healing products for centuries and have proven so effective that you may never need to resort to Tylenol again. He said that there is no quick fix with healing and that essential oils are the safer route to go. This I did agree with.

The seminar ended up being a bit more controversial than I thought it would be but I still enjoyed myself. Jean-Pierre was quirky and funny and made the audience feel comfortable. I bought a peppermint oil as it provides a lot of different benefits. I most want to try the natural deodorant. Jean-Pierre said that after you stop using deodorant with aluminum in it, your body releases all of the toxins clogged up in your armpits. Weirdly enough, I kind of want to experience this!! I will go back and repurchase a natural deodorant that controls sweat to replace my anti-perspirant which stops you from sweating all together.

Jean-Pierre hoped that we would all leave feeling balanced, which I can say I did. It may have been the peppermint in the air but I was very relaxed as I left. I will definitely be going back to Sage as I love their products and have so many new items I want to try. It was a really cool experience and I learned a lot about the powers of natural healing.


Taylor xo

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