Current Lifestyle Favourites – March 2017

Happy Hump Day, everybody! We made it through Monday and Tuesday and are that much closer to the weekend!

After a year of doing makeup and skincare favourites, I have decided I want to incorporate lifestyle favourites into my blog. These posts will include anything from snacks, books, movies, clothes or miscellaneous items that help me get me happily through my day. I love sharing products that I am enjoying and I love to hear what other people are also obsessed with. Feel free to leave a comment telling me what you currently love for the month of March.


Books ~ Burial Rites, The Little Book of Hygge

Burial Rites by Hannah Kent – I finished Burial Rites at the beginning of March and I was so sad when it ended! This is a great book if you like historical fiction, which is personally one of my favourite genres to read. The Other Boleyn Girl is one of my favourite books of all time (check that one out too). Burial Rites is set in 1800s Iceland and follows the life of the last woman to be publicly beheaded. Hannah Kent writes the story beautifully. It is haunting and romantic, and I felt deeply connected to each character. It will keep you constantly guessing and perhaps siding with characters you never expected.

The Little Book of Hygge (The Danish Way to Live Well) by Meik Wiking – I spoke about this book briefly in my last post. It explores the Danish concept of hygge and what it means to find it and to invest your life into it. I love reading books surrounding what it means to be happy, as it is so unique to every individual. Personally, hygge hits the nail on the head for what I believe true happiness is. If you are interested in exploring your truth in happiness and learning how others grasp it, I highly recommend this book.

TV Show ~ Riverdale

Riverdale – I feel like everyone and their mother is watching this Netflix Original based on the Archie Comics. I was so excited for it to come out and it is just as good as I hoped! I grew up reading Archie comics and so this show is very nostalgic for me. It has a darker focus than what you may expect. It is chilling and keeps the audience guessing. My roommate and I make time to grab some popcorn and settle in on the couch to watch together every Friday. I loved seeing all the comic book characters come to life on screen.  And Cole Sprouse as Jughead?? Yes please! Who is your favourite character?

Movies ~ Beauty and The Beast, Deadpool, Fury

Obviously, Beauty and the Beast is at the top of my list. I LOVE this remake!! Although a controversial pick, I think Emma Watson nailed her role as Belle. She was witty and charming. I have heard other opinions on her voice but I thought she sung beautifully. The animation was so detailed and brought each character in the castle to life in a spectacular way. Luke Evans played Gaston perfectly. In an interview, he said he wanted Gaston to be a likeable villain. When the classic ending fight scene came on, I felt a twinge of sadness when Gaston died. At the end of the movie, my sister and I wanted to give a standing ovation; it was just that good. It’ll make you laugh, cry and want to sing along. If you are a Disney fanatic like me, go see this movie!! You’ll fall in love all over again. I also watched Fury and Deadpool this month. I enjoy historical war movies a lot and I didn’t find Fury too theatrical. Ryan Reynolds is stellar in Deadpool. Super raunchy but incredibly hilarious.

Music ~ Divide

Ed Sheeran released his third studio album, ÷, in March and I seriously cannot stop playing it!! It’s the first album of his I have been truly invested in because of the variety of sound. It has everything from tradition Irish, pop, rock and ballads. I have yet to get tired of any of the songs, even though they have been on constant repeat. Some of my favourites are Galway Girl, Dive, Barcelona, Nancy Mulligan and Castle on a Hill. 

Podcast ~ Dear Sugar Radio

I started listening to podcasts in late 2016 and I am mad that I never got in to them earlier. I love to listen to them while on the bus, at the gym, walking to work and cleaning my apartment. They give me something to listen to while doing other chores, which I really enjoy. I love to hear people talk but I am terrible at watching television and movies because I can never pay full attention. Podcasts give me the best of both worlds. I have been loving Dear Sugar Radio, a life-advice podcast hosted by Cheryl Strayed (Wild) and Steve Almond. I love the insight they give to various life struggles and situations; listening to someone else that you don’t know talk about life’s deepest, darkest situations is fascinating. The podcast also gives me insight into my own life. In my pursuit of wellness, Cheryl and Steve offer unique advice on how to find happiness and balance after stressful situations.

Food ~ Edamame

I have been obsessed with edamame lately. It is so easy to cook with; I especially like to add it in stir fry, mixed with cooked kale or eat on its own as a snack. In my opinion, they are more flavourful than peas or lima beans and they are really good for you. Edamame is a soybean that are a great source of protein, iron and calcium. As I am dairy-free and try to avoid meat as much as possible, it is essential for me to eat foods that are rich in these nutrients. I just buy them frozen, boil them and then add them into my dish or sprinkle them with a little Himalayan salt.

Miscellaneous ~ Sage Yoga Mat Spray, Bath & Body Works Pillow Spray

Coincidentally, my miscellaneous items are both sprays and are both infused with essential oils! Essential oils have so many different purposes and I have been enjoying learning about their uses and incorporating them into my day more often.

I love to use the Sage Antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray about once a week to give my mat a good clean and leave it smelling fresh. It is infused with orange, patchouli and niaouli. Its purpose is to bring the yogi back to their senses and find balance throughout the practice.

I use the Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Pillow Mist to freshen the smell of my pillows and sheets, but eucalyptus is a calming oil so I also like to spray it when I am stressed and need to feel more relaxed when I go to sleep. I do find it helps to clear my mind and my pillows smell great! It is a very fine mist and dries quickly, so I can crawl into bed right after I spray it.


I really enjoyed getting away from makeup in this post and I will definitely be continuing lifestyle favourites more often! Don’t forget to leave me a comment telling me about what you’re loving this month!


Taylor xo

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  1. Happy you have moved in this direction Taylor! I love the sage yoga mat spray (who am I kidding, I love everything sage!!) I also have the pillow mist spray, so soothing before bed– a little aromatherapy mist is good for the soul 🙂

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