Review: NikkiTutorials x Too Faced Collection

This one has been a long time coming. I bought the NikkiTutorials x TooFaced Power of Makeup Collection back in July or August but never got around to reviewing it. I wanted to have the opportunity to try each product in the collection a few times to form an opinion but it ended up taking me months to use it all. I think this was because it is a very glamorous palette and I am not one to wear purple mascara or glitter on a regular basis. However, I am a big fan of Nikki and after months of owning this collection, I am finally confident to give my two cents on it!


First of all, this palette looks gorgeous. Nikki designed the packaging to look bold and glam like she is and it works perfectly. You can create a plethora of looks with the eyeshadows; she incorporated enough nudes to wear on a daily basis but threw in a couple of brighter shades to amp any look. The palette also has two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter to finish off your look. Besides the palette, the collection also came with a deluxe size glitter, a full size Sketch Marker Art Liner, a mini Shadow Insurance and a mini Better Than Sex mascara in a limited edition purple shade. I paid $68 CAD.


Let’s get into my thoughts on the palette itself as it is the star of the show. I am a big fan of the two blushes included. I often mix I Will Always Love You (the peachy shade) and Justify My Love (the pink shade) together to create a perfect neutral shade. On their own, they are very pigmented and need to be applied with a light hand. I normally only dip my brush into each one once. They have a creamy texture and apply easily.

I knew I would love the Chocolate Soleil bronzer because I already own the Milk Chocolate version which I use on a daily basis. This bronzer is just a hint darker and I tend to wear it more in the summer months or when I am doing a full face of makeup. It’s definitely one of the best bronzers I have tried!

The highlight included in the palette is originally an eyeshadow shade called Champagne Truffle that Too Faced included in their Chocolate Bar palette. Nikki said she had been using the shade as a highlighter so they customized it into a bigger pan for this palette. I do like the shade of this highlight. It is a pearly pink and looks beautiful on the skin, especially if you are doing an eye look with cool tones. However, I have to swipe my brush into this shade at least three times to get the pigmentation I want. It isn’t as creamy as the blushes or bronzer which makes it harder to pick up product. When I use my BECCA highlight, I only have to touch my brush in the pigment ever so slightly to get the desired amount. I would say that although I like the shade, this highlight is only alright. I definitely think the formula needs to be re-evaulated.

I have a love-hate relationship with the eyeshadows in this palette. There are four shades I love, which are Ivy (cream), Painkiller (light, warm brown), Makeup & Chill (dark, warm brown) and Wanted (black). They are all neutral and all matte. They have great pigmentation and I use them almost on a regular basis. Painkiller is the perfect crease shade and helps to blend out any harsh lines easily, hence the name. I use this one the most out of all the shades.

The palette includes two bright shades, called Mystic Hour (shimmery teal) and  Wham Bam (shimmery purple).I think these shades are great quality. They blend out beautifully and the pigmentation is easy to build up. I used Mystic Hour when I dressed up as an Ancient Egyptian for Halloween and it allowed me to create the classic gold and teal eye.

Finally, the palette has three glittery shades that are extremely unimpressive. I wore Irresistible (gold) with my halloween look as well as a few other times and I noticed that I had to rebuild the gold glitter multiple times. I had to do the same with Sugar Coated (pink) and I haven’t worn Frosted Yum (silver) yet because I think it will as unimpressive as the other two. There is absolutely no pigmentation and all that ends up on your eye is a few glitters left over after blending. I am very disappointed in these shades. I thought I might have gotten a bad batch but I read reviews online and most people seem to agree.



The Shadow Insurance is a classic Too Faced product. It is a tinted eye primer that you apply to your eyelids before you start on your eyeshadow. I like this product but I am not a huge fan of eyeshadow primer. I usually use concealer and setting powder and it works the same. This one is better than others I have tried because it is tinted to work like a concealer and cover any vains you may want to hide. When I do use this, I mix it with my concealer and I think that works best for me. I used it when I tried to use the terrible glittery shades but it didn’t help. I will enjoy it while I have it but won’t be repurchasing.



This was the first time I had tried the cult classic Better Than Sex Mascara and I am a huge fan! This mascara makes your lashes fluttery and voluminous. The purple looks intimidating on the wand but when you apply it to your lashes it is quite subtle. I don’t think I would use it on a daily basis but I love the way the mascara makes my lashes look! I am definitely considering getting a full size in Black.



I really like this eyeliner. In the collection, you get the shade Deep Black and it dries to a matte. I have tried other felt tip eyeliners and find they dry out quickly, but this one is still going strong. It is precise and makes it easy to get a sharp line. I find felt tip eyeliners a bit harder to use than gel but I am able to make this one work. I think it’s amazing that they give you a full size as well! These retail for C$26 on their own.



I have only used this glitter once but I was impressed with its longevity. I used the shadow insurance before applying the glitter on top of a MAC eyeshadow. I slightly dampened my brush and applied it straight onto my eyelid. There was slight fallout but nothing I couldn’t dust away with my powder brush. It brightened up my eyes without looking overdone. If I had a glitter base that I could apply it with it would have applied thicker and lasted even longer than it did on its own.

I would give this collection a 7/10. You get a lot of product for the amount you pay but the palette itself has formulation problems. If I am going to pay C$68 on a palette, I expect that each and every shadow is going to be perfection and this wasn’t. I would recommend the collection if you are makeup obsessed and want to try it out on your own, but if you don’t use makeup on a day-to-day basis, I would not recommend this collection.   You can find better palettes and eyeliners out there for a much smaller price tag.

The collection is no longer available in Sephora but you can find it on


Taylor xo

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