My Christmas Eve Essentials

For my family, Christmas Eve is one of the busiest, yet most enjoyable days of the year. There is baking to be done, parties to get ready for, Mass to attend and lot and lots of food to eat and drinks to drink late into the night. Because the day is all about go-go-go, it is really helpful to carry a few makeup items in your bag to keep your look fresh all day and night. With Christmas Eve right around the corner, here are my Christmas Eve essentials that I couldn’t go without.



I always carry a concealer with me, but on Christmas Eve I like to make sure I have a heavy duty one close by. This Anastasia Beverly Hills potted concealer is really handy to carry around because it is small and secure; you won’t have to worry about any leaking inside your clutch. It is full coverage and will cover any blemish or dark spot that may start showing over time. You can apply it with a small concealer brush or your finger, which I would choose to do so there is less to carry around with you all day.



I don’t normally carry powder with me because they can be bulky in a small bag. However, when running around all day, I am bound it become a little oily and so I do carry one with me on Christmas Eve. I chose the bareMinerals Mineral Veil powder in the original colour because the container it comes in is fairly compact. However, it is a loose powder which can get a little messy so if you chose to bring a similar product, make sure the lid is sealed very tight. I chose to bring the Real Techniques expert face brush with me because the bristles are dense, which will provide a fuller coverage when you apply the powder. It makes it easier to pack the powder where you need it only, which will help avoid caking in areas where the powder hasn’t wore off. If you didn’t want to carry a powder with you, you could always bring some blotting sheets along. They are tiny and are great for absorbing excess oil. NYX  has some great ones.

Brow Gel


Having uncontrollable brows is one of my biggest pet peeves. Brow gels make it easy to keep brows under control all day, but I have found that even the toughest gels don’t withstand everything. I like to carry Benefit’s Gimme Brow in Light/Medium with me because it it compact but also a great product in general. It provides a slight tint and contains fibers in the formula which work to add volume to your brows. The little applicator makes it easy to style your brows into the shape that you want them to be.



I’m a huge fan of the classic holiday look; black winged liner paired with a bold red lip. It’s simple and clean but still looks elegant. In order to achieve this, I prefer to use a gel liner simply because I find them easier to use than a liquid liner. This Essence gel eyeliner is awesome. It is extremely black, dries to a matte finish and only costs 3.99! I love Essence as a brand in general but this eyeliner has got to be my favourite product they offer. However, I have never worn a winged liner that doesn’t fade after hours of wear. Maybe it’s because I rub my eyes too much, but I need to carry a liner with me to touch up throughout the night. The eyeliner brush I chose is small and easy to carry as well.

Liquid Lipstick


The second part of the classic look is the red lip, and I prefer to wear a liquid lipstick on long days because they are more long wearing than a regular lipstick. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in the shade American Doll because it a true, bright red. I think it would look great on any skin tone if you aren’t afraid to wear a bold lip. I always carry my lipstick with me because you never know when you will need to touch up after eating or drinking.



This one is a no-brainer, right? Essential to carry anywhere when you will be eating a lot around tons of people. You don’t want to run into the situation where you have something in your teeth and no floss anywhere to be found!



Last but not least, I love to carry a rollerball perfume with me to stay fresh all day and night. I chose Chloé’s Love Story Eau de Parfum because it smells fresh and clean which I prefer to wear on long days. I don’t want to wear a scent that is too strong and that I could tired of throughout the day. The notes include orange blossom, prunus flower and dewey floral accord and it smells very sophisticated yet youthful.

That is everything I carry around with me on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day is not nearly as busy for me and my family so I don’t carry around quite as many items. What are your holiday essentials?

Happy Holidays!


Taylor xo

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