My Summer Reading List

I’ve been getting a lot of reading done this summer. It’s been refreshing; I haven’t read leisurely since the end of high school (too many FYP books and textbooks to read during the school year!!). I thought I would share my summer reading list with you and share a few thoughts on the books I have read so far. This will be my second ‘lifestyle’ type post, and I hope to keep throwing them in every once in a while!

1. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen – This was the first book I have read this summer and I loved it. In my opinion, it was a lot better than the movie (aren’t they always?) because it was full of vivid details which brought the book to life. When I recommended it to my mom and a few friends, many of them were worried that having the setting at a circus would mean there would be a lot of animal abuse incorporated into the novel. The movie is much more intense than the book and I wouldn’t say that it is present in the book enough to avoid reading it. The plot is exhilarating and romantic and definitely worth the read!

2. The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory – This is my favourite book I have read in a long time by far. I am a history geek and have a special love for the Tudor dynasty and this book was right up my alley. I watched the movie a long time ago but never picked up the book because it is around 800 pages and takes some dedication to read. I am so glad I did. I learned a lot more about Anne and Mary Boleyn and the Tudor Dynasty but because the book is historical fiction it was still grabbing and kept me wondering what would happen next. I spent a lot of extra time googling the characters in the book to learn about their backstory which often put the plot into a new perspective. I really recommend this book if you are a history buff. I couldn’t put it down!

3. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling – I read this book in 2 days. This is Kaling’s first book and I was really excited to read it. While I will say it was a nice light read to occupy myself on the plane ride to Montreal, it was a pretty standard comedian written book. Honestly, I liked Amy Poehler’s ‘Yes Please’ better, which I read earlier this year. It was more witty and unique in my personal opinion.

4. House Rules by Jodi Picoult – This is the book I am currently reading. I have never read a Jodi Picoult book before and so far I am really impressed with this one. I feel like it gives an accurate representation about what it would be like to have Asperger’s in today’s society. It is a crime novel, and Picoult does a good job of pushing the plot forward while incorporating the Asperger’s theme into every detail. I am about 3/4’s finished the book and am excited to finish it. I have a few theories surrounding the ending but I have heard it has a surprising twist!

Other books I want to read this summer:

5. I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Christina Lamb and Malala Yousafzai.

6. Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama.

7. Pretty Happy: The Healthy Way to Love Your Body by Kate Hudson.

8-11. Crushed/Deadly/Toxic/Vicious by Sara Shepard.

Do you have any suggestions?


Taylor xo

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