My Current Summer Favourites!

Summer! We can finally see the warm weather upon us. And as the months get warmer, the amount of makeup I wear decreases substantially, mostly because I can’t stand the feel of sweaty, warm foundation and concealer running down my face after walking to work. However, I still want to try and get that bronzy J-Lo glow so I do wear a few minimal, easy products on a day to day basis. So today I am going to share a few favourite products that I have been loving for warmer days when you can’t be bothered with foundation but still want to put a little something on your face!



First and foremost, sunscreen is a must for me, especially on super hot days where I know the UV readings are high.  I like this Coppertone one because it is very sheer and feels light on the face. I have heard people say that certain sunscreens break them out, but my skin doesn’t have any reaction with this one, and I think it is because of how light it is. I have used sunscreens in the past that feel too sticky and I end up feeling dirty. With this one, I avoid the sticky feeling completely and I don’t feel like it clogs my pores. It comes in a small bottle which is easy to travel with or carry in your bag and the pump makes it easy to apply without squirting out too much from a squeezey tube.

Cream Highlight:


Cream highlight is probably one of my favourite makeup products ever! It looks so natural on the skin but still gives the extra oomph of glow on the cheekbones that the sun doesn’t always give. I find that powder highlighter can look a little fake or obvious and on no-makeup makeup days I like to go for something that looks a little more natural and blends into the skin easier. Benefit’s Watt’s Up gives a beautiful golden-peachy glow that adds a little something more to tanned summer skin. This product will be a go-to of mine for a while!

Matte Bronzer:


Because I wear sunscreen on my face a lot, my face doesn’t get that tan compared to my body. To fix this, I usually rely on a matte bronzer to warm up the areas of my face that the sun touches. I recently travelled to Ontario and when I arrived I realized my beloved NYX bronzer in Latte had smashed in travel. So I quickly ran to Shopper’s to pick up something cheap that would work for my trip. I grabbed the Essence Sun Club matte bronzer which was only $4.99. And I am so glad I did because I love this stuff! In my opinion, it is a dupe for Too Faced’s Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer which retails for $41.00. It is a little more powdery but you get much more product then a lot of bronzers I have seen around. It is warm but not too orange and blends beautifully. It is extremely pigmented so I make sure to use a very light hand on days I’m not wearing foundation or concealer.

Tinted Balm:


On hot days, I like to have some type of colour on my lips if I am going out, but lipsticks are too thick in my opinion. I want something light that I can slap on and not have to worry about sweating off. I recently picked up Covergirl’s new Colorlicious oh sugar! Vitamin Infused Balm in the shade Spice and I am loving it. It is a sheer coral colour but it is very easy to build up in you want more pigment. I think these are supposed to be a dupe for the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments which I tried a long time ago. I remember them being good but this one is a third of the price, has great pigmentation and feels really moisturizing on the lips. It looks awesome if you have no makeup on at all as well!

Brow Tint:


Doing my brows is the most tedious part of my makeup routine. I find it boring and sometimes frustrating if there is that annoying area in the brow that you just can’t fill in the way you want! So in the summer, I try to stick with the easiest way to give my brows some shape and colour and this product is it! Benefit’s Gimme Brow is a tinted brow gel but it is unique because it contains tiny fibres that make your brows look fuller and more shaped. It takes me about 2 minutes to do my brows with this product and it doesn’t fade or flake off throughout the day. It fills in any sparse areas while still looking natural. If you like really precise brows this product probably isn’t for you unless you pair it with a brow pencil. On quick days, this product is a life saver.

Lastly, I have to have a waterproof mascara in my collection in the summer. I don’t wear waterproof mascara every day because it is a huge pain to get off but I love to have one hanging around for days that it is really hot and humid out or if I know I will be swimming at some point in the day. Here I have the L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara in waterproof. This one isn’t the best mascara I have ever tried but it works and is currently the only waterproof mascara I have right now. It is very black and does give some volume to the lashes. Waterproof mascara is a summer must have!


Taylor xo

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