The Baking Method: is it worth the hype?

Lately, there have been some intense makeup trends extremely hyped up in the beauty community. Think contouring, strobing, colour correcting and, the method of focus today, baking/cooking. These trends are bold and probably not for the faint-hearted, but they are fun to try out and perfect to wear for a night out (or day, I’m not judging). While I am a big fan of contouring and strobing, I had yet to try the baking method. So, I took a little extra time this morning to finally give it a go, and now I am here to give my own opinions on the baking method.

If you aren’t sure what the baking/cooking method is, it is basically applying a LOT of power under the eyes/contour after applying concealer to avoid under-eye creasing or under the contour to sharpen the line. Here’s a quick video by NikkiTutorials showing how to do it:

I am prone to getting under eye creasing in my fine lines, which is something I feel is inevitable with concealer under the eyes. I also have slight redness on my jaw line which I find can make my contour look messy sometimes, so I was interested to see if the hype are baking was worth it.

First, I applied foundation and then went in with a light to medium coverage concealer with a damp beauty blender. I decided to use the NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder because it is extremely fine.


To apply the powder, I used the beauty blender, which was basically dry by this time. I applied two to three layers under my eyes and contour and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Right away, I noticed the product still sunk into my under eye creases. I applied another layer hoping it would smooth out. My contour was great, it applied really well and wiped away easily, leaving a crisp line.

After dusting away the excess product, my under eyes still looked powdery and creased. This may have been the powder I used but it was so finely milled that I can’t see how it would be better with any other product. But this was not the worst of it.

After applying the rest of my makeup, I went to work with my under eyes feeling slightly dry but nothing crazy. However, after being at work for about an hour, my eyes felt extremely dry and itchy. I felt the urge to remove my whole face of makeup because of how itchy I was but had no way to remove it. After a bit the itching turned into a slight burning sensation. I sat through 6 hours of this.

When I got home from work, the itching had subsided but it still felt dry. I removed the powder and concealer and quickly applied a moisturizing eye cream, fearing I totally dried out my under eyes.

Maybe I should have used a thicker concealer or a different powder, but I don’t think it was worth it. I think that if I applied a thicker concealer it would have creased even more. Not only was it extremely drying and itchy, I also wasted a lot of product by applying so many layers of powder, only to get the same results as when I set my eyes with a very sheer amount of powder. It also added more time onto applying my makeup.

I will say, however, the contour looked great. It wasn’t itchy and gave me a very precise, clean line. I would definitely use the baking method on my contour on a special occasion. I say that because I wouldn’t recommend baking every day or you will be out of powder within a week.

All in all, I don’t think the baking method totally lives up to the hype it is getting on social media. It may work better for you, but for me is was pretty much a disaster. If this works for you, you are lucky because it seems to be the best way to get perfectly smooth under eyes. And if under eyes aren’t your priority, then you don’t need to pay attention to any of this!

I think I’ll stick to contouring and strobing (my absolute fave)!

Love, Taylor.


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