My Personal Guide to Beauty YouTubers

I have been a fan of cosmetology and learning how to enhance my makeup skills for a number of years now, but I really started getting into makeup when I discovered the YouTube beauty community about 4 years ago. This community is great to use to better your makeup/hair/skincare knowledge, but it also an awesome place to interact with other people who are passionate about beauty. I have been subscribed to a number of Youtube beauty ‘gurus’ as they are called for many years and over this time I have learned many different techniques from women all over the world. The unique thing about YouTube is that you are watching real people in their daily life so it is easier to connect what they do to your own life. On top of creating makeup/lifestyle tutorials, many of the girls also have vlog channels which are -in my opinion- addictive to watch.  So, here are my top 5 (with 2 honourable mentions) favourite YouTubers in the beauty community.

Honourable Mentions

Kathleen Fuentes (KathleenLights):

Kathleen is an honourable mention because I only subscribed to her about a month ago. She is extremely talented and easy to follow along with if you want to duplicate one of her looks. She incorporates a lot of drugstore makeup into her videos which is always popular with the audience. However, her personality is what makes her stand out above the others. She is quirky and relatable and her personality is contagious! I am often laughing at her videos. Within a month of being subscribed to her, I have watched close to the majority of her videos because of her down-to-earth personality and awesome talent.

Irina Gabriela (TheBeautyVault): 

I personally believe Irina is extremely underrated. She is very talented, has a dry sense of humour and is Canadian!! She lives in Vancouver and makes videos in her spare time. Her looks are more complicated but she explains every step very clearly. She also uses a lot of drugstore makeup and also does really good reviews; she isn’t afraid to call out a product if she doesn’t believe in it. You know she is going to be honest and not influenced by sponsorships. And she’s Canadian… so how can you not love her? (I may be bias).


Katy DeGroot (LustreLux):

#5 is Katy, better known as LustreLux. She stands out with her bold looks which are inspiring and fun and also for her spunky personality. Katy is another YouTuber that I’ll find myself laughing at even though I am watching a dark smokey eye makeup tutorial. Besides her bright and bold makeup looks, she also does a lot of viral makeup challenges and tags which adds variety to her channel. I believe she is now also associated with Ipsy so if you receive a Glam Bag each month, she usually incorporates products you get in a Glam Bag into her ‘tuts’ as she calls her tutorials. I like that she features Glam Bags because they often include products that are made by smaller companies or are just underrated, so her audience is able to get a wider feel of what is offered in the beauty community.


Nicole Guerriero:

Nicole is one of the beauty gurus I have been subscribed to for a while now; probably about 3-4 years. Over this time, Nicole’s channel has grown substantially, she has created her own skincare line ( and collaborated with Bellami Hair as well. Nicole stands out because she is determined. She gives in depth tutorials on specific things such as brows or eyeliner and also does a lot of unique looks. However, she is constantly putting out new videos. She is known to release different videos 3 days in a row because she likes to get her content out the same day she films. This is a preference but in my opinion it shows she works hard and cares deeply about what she is doing.


Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo):

To be honest, Shannon and my #2 spot should be tied in rank because they are equally great but for different reasons. I am also subscribed to Shannon’s vlog channel and every morning while I am doing my makeup I watch her newest vlog. At this point it has just become part of my everyday morning routine! Shannon is from New Zealand and it is really cool to see what life is like all the way over there (spoiler alert – it’s pretty much like living in a hotter Canada from what I can tell). Shannon’s channel is unique because you are able to see how far she has come since she began her channel. She creates very wearable looks but with a wide range of shades. She is self taught and her talent has increasingly grown over the years. Her personality is very real and I feel like I have improved my skills along with Shannon over the years.


Tanya Burr:

Tanya is another one of the original women I subscribed to and I have yet to be bored with one of her videos. She tackles everything from vlogs to beauty to baking to fashion and to her most recent collaboration with the UN and the Global Goals initiative. Tanya is cute and bubbly and her videos reflect this. She wrote a book, Love Tanya, a year ago (which I own and love) and is currently creating a cookbook. She got her start working at a makeup counter in Jarrolds’ Norwich department store and through her videos the audience is able to see how she has made the most out of her career. Tanya has used her success to tackle bigger issues, such as becoming a face of the Global Goals initiative in which she uses her public voice to raise awareness for inequality of women around the world.


Jaclyn Hill: 

If you have ever come across my Twitter account, you know I am utterly obsessed with Jaclyn Hill and am not afraid to show it. Jaclyn is the very first person I found on YouTube and my love for her and YouTube has stuck ever since. It was through her channel I found every other woman I mentioned in this post. She is insanely talented and creates looks that range from easy to accomplish to probably need to practice 5 times before you wear it in public. She is hilarious and very down-to-earth even though she has had huge success in the past 6 years since she created her channel. She has collaborated with brands such as BECCA (hello, Champagne Pop) and was the first affiliate for Morphe Brushes which is a brand that has found major success in the past year. She is currently in the process of creating her own makeup line as well! Jaclyn represents what it means to work hard for what you want in order to be successful, but to also stay humble about it when you achieve it. I always recommend Jaclyn’s channel when anyone asks me for a tutorial recommendation on YouTube. She will always be my favourite!

There are also many other people who work very hard on YouTube that I love but if I chose all of them I would be writing forever. If you have interest in others besides the ones I mentioned, here are a few more I am subscribe to: Fleur De Force, Ciaoobelllaxo, Desi Perkins, Ingrid Nilsen, Karissa Pukas, Lauren Curtis, Leighannsays, MarissaLace, NikkieTutorials & TalkBeckyTalk.


Taylor xo

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