The best LUSH bath bombs!

Bath time is my favourite, and there is nothing better than a LUSH bath. If you have never tried a bath bomb, now is the time!! Bath bombs are filled with different types of oils to hydrate and smooth the skin, and each bath bomb does something different when dropped in the bath. Some are more pampering for the skin and some are just awesome to watch what they do to the water! Here are my top 4 favourite LUSH bath bombs.

The Pampering:



Avobath is my all time favourite bath bomb. I have repurchased it so many times because I love the way it smells and how it makes my skin feel. It smells like lemongrass which is very refreshing, and is different to a lot of the other bath bombs which smell more sensual and relaxing. Each bath bomb has a featured ingredient targeted to do something for the skin, and Avobath’s is avocado. Avocado is loaded in vitamins which help to revitalize the skin and the avocado oil is extremely moisturizing. They also throw some olive oil in there to double the hydration. When you get out of the bath, your skin will feel incredibly smooth and silky and the smell lingers on the skin for about an hour. This bath bomb doesn’t do anything crazy to the water because it is solid green without any glitter or hidden color in the middle. The bath turns a bright green so it is definitely more of a pampering item than a fun item! Overall, the best bath bomb in my opinion and if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.



Another extremely pampering bath bomb is the Butterball. Clearly, from the white color, this bath bomb doesn’t do anything extraordinary to the water. It explodes for a while and leaves the bath pretty much the same color as the water, except you can see all the lovely oils floating on the surface and on your body. Butterball’s featured ingredient is cocoa butter, which is known for being insanely hydrating for dry skin. It also has ylang ylang essential oil in it, and smells like rich, sweet vanilla. The smell is to die for. I find that Butterball is even more nourishing than Avobath, which is hard to beat. This bath bomb is perfect for a pampering night in!

The Fun:



Fizzbanger doesn’t appear that interesting on the outside, but it is another story when you drop it in the bath. It is layered with different colors on the inside which appear as the bath bomb gets smaller and and smaller, leaving an array of colors in this bath. It also is filled with popping candy which creates little crackling sounds while it is exploding. When it is completely exploded, a small little piece of paper is left in the bath that says BANG! It smells like cinnamon apples and toffee, which is really relaxing. Most bath bombs leave your skin moisturized, and this is one of them, although your skin won’t be as moisturized as it would be using Avobath or Butterball. The featured ingredient of Fizzbanger is an essential oil called petitgrain oil, which is derived from the orange and works as a deodorant and claims to be emotionally uplifting. All in all, a fun bath bomb with essential oils to relax and uplift you.



Lush recently introduced 4 or 5 new bath bombs to their collection, and Intergalactic was one of them. This bath bomb is out of this world! It explodes into a sea of pinks, blues, purples, yellows and greens and leaves a rainbow of foam on the surface of your bath for about 10 minutes. When the foam is gone, you are left with a dark blue bath filled with golden sparkles. (LUSH’s glitters are made with natural minerals, not plastic, so you don’t feel guilty about dumping a bunch of glitter down the drain into the ocean.) The Intergalactic bath bomb left my skin super smooth and a little glittery, which I don’t mind. It’s featured ingredient is peppermint oil, which is calming and can help with sore muscles. Like Fizzbanger, it also features popping candy to give that fun little crackling sound. Besides smelling pepperminty, it also smells of cedarwood and a hint of aftershave, which gives it a unique but refreshing smell. This bath bomb is a new favourite of mine, and it is amazing!

Intergalactic in use

All LUSH bath bombs are vegan and cruelty free, and use a lot of organic products which is a bonus. This post excluded bubble bars and bath melts, because I think I will do those separately! I hope you give these a try and love them as much as I do. What are your favourites?


Taylor xo

*all unused bath bomb photos are credited to

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