How to get bronzy, glowy skin – all drugstore!

I like to think I have always been pretty careful with exposing my face to the sun. I always cover my face when tanning in the summer and wear a pretty high SPF. However, this means in the summer my body is probably 3 times darker than my face! Here are some of my favourite products to use when I want to look bronzy and glowy but avoid any sun damage. The products I use on a regular basis for this look are drugstore but I included a couple high-end products as dupes as well!


Achieving bronzy skin is very quick and easy, the whole look takes about 10 minutes total! Obviously, some days it is just to hot to wear makeup in the summer, and usually I’ll only wear mascara. But this look is great for events or heading to work.


On the odd chance I wear foundation in the summer, (let’s be honest, it usually just sweats off within 20 minutes) I wear one similar to this. Okay, this isn’t drugstore but only because I have yet to try a foundation as lightweight as this but still has beautiful, dewy coverage. And even better, the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation has an SPF of 25! A great alternative would be a BB cream or even just forgetting about foundation all together! The powder products will do great on their own.


After foundation, I go in with a matte bronzer. I usually use the Rimmel bronzer (on the top) in the warmer months because it is a lot lighter that the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (on the bottom). I personally think it looks much more natural and sun-kissed. I dust it over my cheeks, temples and the top of my forehead, everywhere the sun touches naturally! A matte bronzer will leave your skin looking perfectly bronzed without looking muddy. If you use a shimmery bronzer all over your face rather than just your cheeks, you can risk it looking fake and patchy.


This Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strip in Vegas Strip is key to getting the perfect glow. I dust this over my cheeks with a very light hand and it looks glowy and bronzy without looking cakey or feeling heavy on the face. Bobbi Brown has multiple shades in their Shimmer Bricks as well, but I believe they go for about $50 each. I have owned this bronzer for years and have barely made a dent because you only need a little to achieve the perfect glow!


The final step is to highlight. This Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tiki is more of a highlight than a bronzer in my opinion. It is a beautiful golden bronze with the perfect amount of shimmer, not too chunky and not too subtle. I apply this on the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, above the eyebrows and down the bridge of the nose. The golden color makes the skin look truly sun-kissed. If the highlight was pink in color, it may stand out against the bronzers we already applied. BECCA’s Champagne Pop highlighter is a good dupe for the Hard Candy one, but is a bit more glitterly and about 5 times the price. Both beautiful but I prefer the Hard Candy one to appear a bit more natural!


To finish off, I dust a bit off the matte bronzer in my eye crease to add depth and use my finger to apply either highlighter over the eyelid for some color! Top it off with mascara and a lipbalm or gloss of your choice and you’re done!

As I write this, I am getting more and more excited for summer and what is to come. Only a month of classes left!!


Taylor xo


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