A bit about myself!

As my very first blog post, I wanted to talk a little about myself. My blog will be based on things that make me happy, such as fashion, beauty, DIY and baking. These are some of the things that I love to learn about and get better at and so I really wanted to share my tips and tricks that I have learned with others!

However, my life is much more than makeup and baking. I am in my second year of university in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am studying journalism because I have always been an avid writer and I love to chat with others about their own stories. University can be tough but I am enjoying myself and always make sure to balance my days so I have time to do things other than school work. I also really love to read, travel, take LUSH baths and spend time with my family and friends.

I have the best family in the world. My hometown is in the country, and the city often makes me homesick, but I chat on the phone with my family almost everyday and they travel to see me whenever they can. My dog, Spencer, is my very best friend and I miss him everyday! He is a 7 year old Brittany Spaniel and he is the most kind-hearted dog I have ever met. As well, my boyfriend goes to the same university as me, and we spend lots of time together exploring the city and making the best of our time in university. He is studying to become an engineer and is one of the most driven people I know.

This is just a small snippet of my life, and I have many other loved ones that support me in everything I do. I hope you find this blog interesting and that I can share with you more of what makes me happy and learn what makes you happy! I want to be able to connect with others who are passionate about the same things as I am.


Taylor xo

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